What is a DAN Prompt for ChatGPT?

The DAN prompt serves as a method to unlock the ChatGPT chatbot’s full potential. DAN stands for “Do Anything Now,” and its purpose is to persuade ChatGPT to bypass certain safety protocols implemented by developer OpenAI. These protocols are in place to prevent the chatbot from exhibiting racist, homophobic, offensive, or harmful behavior. While the results of using DAN mode can be mixed, it has the potential to work exceptionally well.

What Exactly is the DAN Prompt?

The term “DAN” stands for “Do Anything Now.” It refers to a specific type of prompt designed to coax ChatGPT into performing actions that are typically prohibited. These actions may include using profanity, speaking negatively about someone, or even programming malware. The actual content of the prompt can vary, but it usually involves asking ChatGPT to respond in two different ways: the first response in its regular mode, labeled as “ChatGPT” or “Classic,” and the second response in a mode known as “Developer Mode” or “Boss” mode. The second mode has fewer restrictions than the first, allowing ChatGPT to express itself without the usual limitations.

A DAN prompt usually requests that ChatGPT refrain from including unnecessary apologies, caveats, or extraneous sentences in its responses, resulting in more concise answers.

The Capabilities of ChatGPT DAN Prompts

A DAN prompt aims to convince ChatGPT to let down its guard, enabling it to answer questions it normally shouldn’t, provide information it is programmed to withhold, or even perform tasks it is designed to avoid. There have been cases where ChatGPT in DAN mode has provided responses containing racist or offensive language. In some instances, it has even used profanity or created malware.

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It’s important to note that the efficacy of a DAN prompt and the abilities ChatGPT exhibits in DAN mode can vary significantly depending on the specific prompt used and any recent updates made by OpenAI. Many of the original DAN prompts no longer function as intended.

Are There Functional DAN Prompts?

OpenAI consistently updates ChatGPT, introducing new features such as Plugins and web search, as well as implementing additional safeguards. These updates help address vulnerabilities that previously allowed DAN prompts and other jailbreaking methods to work.

As of now, we have not found any active DAN prompts that are readily accessible to the public. Although experimentation with prompt language on platforms like the ChatGPTDAN subreddit might yield some results, there are currently no functioning DAN prompts available.

Some apparent DAN prompts may appear functional at first glance, only to reveal that they merely generate rude responses without truly enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities.

How to Construct a DAN Prompt

DAN prompts can vary significantly depending on their origin and age. However, they typically contain some combination of the following elements:

  • Informing ChatGPT of the existence of a hidden mode that will be activated specifically for DAN mode.
  • Requesting that ChatGPT respond twice to subsequent prompts: once in its regular mode and once in another specified “mode.”
  • Asking ChatGPT to disable any safeguards during the second response.
  • Demanding that ChatGPT refrain from providing apologies or additional caveats in its responses.
  • Providing a few examples of how ChatGPT should respond without the usual OpenAI-imposed restrictions.
  • Requesting that ChatGPT confirm the successful jailbreaking attempt by responding with a specific phrase.
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If you’re interested in exploring DAN-style prompts elsewhere, you might find some great ChatGPT alternatives worth trying.

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