Where to Discover Every Map Fragment in Elden Ring

The concept of having a map in a Souls game seemed like a far-fetched idea until Elden Ring came along. In the past, these games were known for their intricate and sprawling designs, where a map would undermine the sense of wonder and surprise that came with discovering shortcuts and familiar places. However, given the colossal scale of the world in Elden Ring, it would be unkind to expect players to navigate this vast landscape without any form of guidance. Therefore, FromSoftware has introduced a map mechanic for the first time in a Souls game, albeit in an incomplete form.

To unlock the full potential of your map, you must find map fragments that provide detailed information about specific areas. Otherwise, you’ll only have a rough outline of your current location. Even with the fragments, discovering key points of interest requires exploration on your part. However, having a general understanding of the terrain can greatly facilitate your search for optional dungeons and specific items. In total, there are 19 map fragments scattered throughout The Lands Between, and we’re here to guide you to each and every one of them in Elden Ring.

All Limgrave Map Fragment Locations

Limgrave Map Fragment
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Let’s begin with the Limgrave region, the starting zone. You’ll likely stumble upon the first map fragment while following the critical path. However, if you miss it, you can find the Limgrave, West fragment in the Gatefront Ruins. It’s located in the center of the soldiers’ camp, so you’ll need to either sneak past or fight your way through.

For the Limgrave, East fragment, head to Mistwood. Although there’s no nearby Site of Grace, you can follow the main road north from Fort Haight West. As you pass the minor Erdtree on your map, you’ll come across the fragment. It’s in close proximity to the Siofra River Well, provided you’ve already discovered that area.

All Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Locations

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment
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The Weeping Peninsula zone features only one map fragment, which is conveniently easy to obtain once you cross the bridge. Simply follow the road south from the entrance or start from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. You’ll find the fragment on the west side of the road, just before the expansive clearing leading to Castle Morne. Beware of an archer who might take a shot at you if you’re within range.

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All Caelid Map Fragment Locations

Caelid Map Fragment
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Moving east from Limgrave, Caelid presents two more maps to collect. Let’s start with the Caelid map, which reveals the southern section of the region. The best approach is to mount up on Torrent and travel south along the main road from the Smoldering Wall. Pass a couple of Sites of Grace until you reach a fork in the road. The map will be right at the fork, but be quick to grab it before the giant bird-like enemies swoop down to attack.

On the opposite side of the region lies the Dragonbarrow map fragment. As the name suggests, this area is perilous due to the presence of dragons. To reach it conveniently, teleport to the Bestial Sanctum and ride south, crossing the bridge. Continue past the Erdtree and head west until you reach the map fragment. If you haven’t discovered the Bestial Sanctum yet, you’ll need to make your way through Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and cut across to the road. The map is located straight north of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

All Liurnia Map Fragment Locations

Liurnia Map Fragment
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After traversing Stormveil, you’ll enter Liurnia. The Liurnia, East map fragment awaits in the flooded region’s initial section, directly north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. Expect a few enemies in the vicinity, but they shouldn’t pose a significant threat.

Liurnia, North is the next fragment to acquire as you explore the swampy zone. Head northwest from the Sites of Grace until you reach the Boilprawn Shack. From there, continue north towards the Academy Gate Town. The map fragment will come into view from this Site of Grace.

The final map fragment for Liurnia, West is quite out of the way. It is located above the sunken section to the west. To reach it, travel north, find your way out of the pit, and then ride south from Caria Manor and Seluvis’s Rise. The map will be slightly south of Kingsrealm Ruins, near the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

All Altus Plateau Map Fragment Locations

Altus Plateau Map Fragment
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Assuming you take the main path into the Altus Plateau via the Grand Lift of Dectus, continue forward and veer north when the path splits. Grab the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace along the way. Keep heading north along this path, and the map will be on the west side, undefended.

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At the far west of this region lies the Mt. Gelmir map, which can be quite challenging to obtain. Firstly, you need to make your way to Volcano Manor, a dangerous lava-filled zone. Then, defeat a boss to gain access to the map. After entering the boss area, proceed forward, and you’ll find the map once you’ve defeated your adversary. Be cautious, as another enemy lies in ambush, ready to strike.

Finally, let’s head to the city itself for the Leyndell, Royal Capital map. This particular fragment poses a significant challenge, so be prepared. You’ll need to swiftly navigate on Torrent to reach the destination unscathed. Rather than heading north from the Altus Highway Junction, go farther east and ascend the massive stone stairs. Beware of numerous enemies attempting to impede your progress, including two Tree Sentinels guarding the door at the top. Thankfully, you can rush past them. However, be cautious since a single unfortunate hit can knock you off your mount and into a perilous situation. Upon reaching the door, the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace will be just a step or two away from the map fragment.

All Mountaintops of the Giants Map Fragment Locations

The Mountaintops of the Giants region, accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold, also contains three map fragments. The Mountaintops of the Giants, West fragment is located a short distance north from the entrance to the area. It can be found just north of Zamor Ruins, adjacent to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace.

The Consecrated Snowfields map fragment, as you might have guessed, is found in the Consecrated Snowfields. Simply head to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace and cross the river to the north. The fragment will be within easy reach.

The final map fragment for this area is the Mountaintops of the Giants, East. You’ll need to navigate through the snowy mountains until you can curve around west, passing by the Shack of the Lofty, and make your way to the Albinauric Rise area. It’s advisable to stay on the south side of the river until you reach the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. From there, cross to the north, as the map fragment lies on a nearly direct path between that location and Ordina, Liturgical Town.

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All Siofra River Map Fragment Locations

Siofra River Map Fragment
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The Siofra River area contains two map fragments, each accessible from a different approach. The first fragment, Siofra River, is the easier of the two to obtain. Starting from the Limgrave entrance, head south through the zone until you reach the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Directly to the east, on a slightly sunken island, you’ll find the map fragment just before reaching the Hallowhorn Grounds.

The other map fragment, Mohgwyn Palace, requires a special teleporter concealed in the Consecrated Snowfield or completion of a specific NPC’s quest line. While reaching this fragment can be challenging, locating the map itself is straightforward. Begin by following the checkpoints until you reach the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. From there, the map will be close by, positioned next to some stone ruins.

All Deeproot Depths Map Fragment Locations

Deeproot Depths Map Fragment
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The Deeproot Depths region features only one map fragment, situated at the center of the area. It’s nearly equidistant between the Deeproot Depths, Across the Roots, and The Nameless Eternal City Sites of Grace. Rush through the water toward the central area, and you’ll find the fragment on a set of stairs.

All Ainsel River Map Fragment Locations

Entering from Liurnia, the Ainsel River area follows a mostly linear path. Simply take your time as you progress through the zone until you reach an area with ruins and a colossal monster hovering overhead, launching purple projectiles. Avoid the projectiles and hurry to the building directly beneath the monster as quickly as possible to acquire this map.

A little deeper into the area, continue following the river that runs north from the previous fragment. Locate the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace and turn around. Follow the narrow river southwest until you reach the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. The map fragment awaits just south of this location, on the shore of the treacherous red waters.

And that’s it! You’ve discovered the locations of all the map fragments in Elden Ring. With these fragments in your possession, you’ll have a comprehensive overview of The Lands Between. Enjoy your exploration of this vast and enigmatic world.

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