Where to Find Each Colorful Onion in Pikmin 4

The fascinating world of Pikmin 4 introduces a wide array of colorful and unique plant-like creatures. These delightful little beings not only come in different shapes and colors but also possess various abilities. Each color represents a different type of Pikmin and indicates their specific capabilities. If you’re unfamiliar with the game and its mechanics, you may not know where to find these distinct onion colors, which are essential for creating different types of Pikmin. In this article, we will guide you through the locations of each onion color in Pikmin 4.

Where to Find the Red Onion

You will encounter the Red onion during the tutorial mission called “Rescue Command Post.” It is impossible to miss, as it is a crucial part of the game.

Where to Find the Yellow Onions

A crewmember approaching a yellow onion in Pikmin 4.

In Pikmin 4, there are two Yellow onions you can discover. The first one can be found in Sun-Speckled Terrace. To reach it, you must first gather some Yellow Pikmin from the caves. Once you have a group, head to the far west end of the map, just below the small moat surrounding the island with the stopwatch icon. Use your Yellow Pikmin to break through the electric gate blocking your path. Then, look in the southwest corner for a paper bag that you need 20 Pikmin of any type to flatten. Once you’ve done that, you can extract the Yellow onion.

The second Yellow onion is located in Blossoming Arcadia. Starting from Base 1, cross the bridge and turn to your right to find a destructible wall. Break through it, move up the hill, and easily acquire the onion.

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Where to Find the Blue Onions

Collin saying how onions come in tons of colors in Pikmin 4.

The first Blue onion can also be found in Sun-Speckled Terrace. It is situated near the middle of the map, but you must cross a large pond to reach it. To do so, gather at least 30 Ice Pikmin and freeze the water. Additionally, you’ll need 10 more Pikmin to build a bridge and some combination of other Pikmin and Oatchi to carry the onion back. After freezing the water, cross over, use your Pikmin to construct the wall in the corner, and retrieve the onion. Lastly, freeze the water again and utilize Oatchi and your Pikmin to transport it back safely.

If you prefer, you can find the second Blue onion in Serene Shores. Head to the north part of the map, near the sandcastle, and you’ll spot it in a small pool of water. Since this onion is underwater, you’ll need at least 20 Blue Pikmin to dive in and retrieve it. Watch out for the fish!

Where to Find the Ice Onion

A crewmember riding Oatchi down to an ice onion in a freezer.

To find the Ice onion, also known as the light blue onion, you must venture into Hero’s Hideaway after conquering the Frozen Inferno Dungeon. Make sure you have the Scorch Guard for yourself and Oatchi to gain access. Once you emerge on the other side, head to the end of the counter where you can hop on a fan that moves up and down. Get off at the bottom, stand on the open freezer drawer, and collect the Ice onion.

Where to Find the Rock Onion

A castaway riding Oatchi towards a black onion.

The remaining four onion types are available in the postgame of Pikmin 4, starting with the Rock onion in Giant’s Hearth. From the Abandoned Throne, face the hearth and go left to find a wall. Use some Bomb Rocks to blast it down and proceed. As you head toward the onion in the top-right corner, be cautious of an ambush from a giant enemy. Defeat it and claim your Rock onion.

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Where to Find the Winged Onion

A spaceman with his Pikmin near a pink onion.

The Winged onion, also known as the Pink onion, becomes accessible after defeating Loui in the Dandori Battle and venturing into the Primordial Thicket. Once there, proceed to Base 2 and head up the hill toward the box. Clear away the poison geysers to make your journey easier on the way back. Push the box to create a bridge, cross it, and follow the path to the right to find the Winged onion.

Where to Find the Purple and White Onion

The reward screen for a Pikmin 4 Dandori Battle.

The last two onions are rewards for completing the Trial of the Sage Leaf questline rather than finding them in the world. The White onion is a reward for beating the fifth stage of the quest, called “The White Key.” As for the Purple onion, you’ll need to conquer the final challenge called “The Purple Key” to obtain it.

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