Where to Find Kilton in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There’s so much to explore and accomplish in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Since its release in 2017, players have continually returned to the game to complete quests, acquire rare items, and uncover hidden secrets. One such hidden gem is the enigmatic vendor known as Kilton, who sells a variety of spooky monster-related items.

Who is Kilton and Why Should You Find Him?

Meet Kilton, the proprietor of Fang and Bone, a shop in Breath of the Wild. Kilton offers exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else and is only available at specific locations during certain times. The items sold at Fang and Bone are highly sought after and well worth the effort it takes to track down Kilton. It’s important to note that Fang and Bone doesn’t accept the game’s regular currency, rupees. Instead, Kilton has introduced his own currency called mon, which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly.

Where to Find Kilton for the First Time

To gain access to Fang and Bone, you must first locate Kilton’s initial spot, which can be found on the western “eye” of Skull Lake. The lake is situated in the northeastern part of the map, just north of Deep Akkala. To reach Skull Lake quickly, it is recommended to fast travel to the Zuna Kai Shrine. Keep in mind that Kilton only appears at night, so if it’s daytime, rest at an inn or make a campfire to advance the time.

Upon arrival at Skull Lake for the first time, you’ll notice the unmistakable presence of the Fang and Bone shop, marked by a gigantic purple balloon. Approach Kilton and engage in conversation to learn about the unique items he sells and his unconventional goal of “destabilizing the market and fighting the establishment.”

Once you leave Skull Lake, Kilton will no longer appear there. Instead, he will set up shop at seven different locations across the map. We’ll delve into those locations in detail below.

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All Fang and Bone Locations

After your initial encounter with Kilton at Skull Lake, you can find him at seven different locations throughout Hyrule. As mentioned before, make sure to visit these locations during nighttime, as Fang and Bone does not appear during the day. Most of the spawn locations are near inns, allowing you to rest and advance time if needed. Additionally, many Fang and Bone spawns are conveniently close to shrines, making fast travel to the nearest location a breeze.

Here are the seven Fang and Bone locations across Hyrule:

Gerudo Town

Northwest of the main village, near a statue of a soldier with a sword. This location can be found in the southwest part of the map. Remember to equip cold-resistant gear when visiting, as the desert gets chilly at night. Spawn in at the Daqo Chisay Shrine for easy access.

Hateno Village

In the southeastern section of the map, northeast of East Necluda. Spawn at the Myahm Agana Shrine and head west to find the shop just west of the Zelkoa Pond.

Kakariko Village

To the southeast of Central Hyrule, north of the main village. Spawn at the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine, located north of the village. The shop can be found south of Lantern Lake on a large hill.

Lurelin Village

In the southeastern part of the map, easily recognizable by its hook-shaped peninsula. Spawn at the Yah Rin Shrine and head south toward the beach to find the shop.

Rito Village

In the northwestern part of the map, close to the snowy mountains. Spawn at the Sha Warvo Shrine just north of Lake Totori, and head southeast toward the water to locate the shop. Don’t forget to bring cold-resistant gear to stay warm.

Tarrey Town

In the northeastern section of the map, south of Akkala. Spawn at the Dah Hesho Shrine, which is south of Tarrey Town. Cross the bridge leading to the town, and you’ll find the shop nearby.

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Zora’s Domain

Located on the east side of the map, just north of Lanayru. Spawn at the Dagah Keek Shrine, and you’ll spot the Fang and Bone shop to the south, close to a cliff overlooking the water.

What Does Kilton Sell?

Although Kilton’s inventory may not be extensive, the items available at Fang and Bone are worth exploring. Most of these items are high-value gear that offers unique attributes, and they can only be purchased at Fang and Bone. Here’s a list of the items available at Kilton’s shop:

  • Dark Link Set
  • Bokoblin Mask
  • Lynel Mask
  • Monster Extract
  • Molduga Mask
  • Radiant Mask
  • Rubber Armor Set
  • Zant’s Helmet
  • Ancient Mask
  • Majora’s Mask

Please note that certain items require defeating Divine Beasts to unlock. For example, the Dark Link Set can only be acquired after defeating all four Divine Beasts, while the Lynel Mask only requires defeating three. Make sure to fulfill the specific requirements to access these items.

Many of the items sold by Kilton offer useful features. For instance, the Bokoblin Mask allows you to blend in with Bokoblins, while the Lynel Mask provides protection against Lynels. Some items are purely cosmetic, while others, like the Monster Extract, are valuable resources used in various recipes. In summary, Kilton offers items that are definitely worth adding to your collection.

How Do You Obtain Mon?

As mentioned earlier, Kilton operates with his own currency called mon, instead of rupees. To obtain mon, visit Kilton and select the Exchange for mon option. Here, you can exchange monster parts you’ve collected throughout the game for mon. It’s essential to loot the bodies of defeated creatures as you progress to obtain these valuable monster parts.

Each time you defeat a creature, whether it’s a small Keese or a formidable Lynel, they will drop parts that can be collected. That’s why it’s advisable to gather monster parts as you play through the game. During your first visit to Fang and Bone, you’ll likely have a few monster parts in your inventory. Take the opportunity to exchange everything you have. Certain parts, such as the Shard of Dragon’s Horn, hold significant value and are worth 150 mon. Once you know which items you desire, you can start focusing on farming specific creatures to gather the necessary materials.

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Mon Rates

Here is a list of the exchange rates for each monster part, along with details on how to obtain them. Keep in mind that some parts have a low drop rate, so you may need to defeat specific enemies repeatedly to obtain the desired resources.

  • Bokoblin Horn: 3 mon (Defeat Bokoblins)
  • Moblin Horn: 8 mon (Defeat Moblins)
  • Lynel Horn: 20 mon (Defeat Lynels)
  • Shard of Dragon’s Horn: 150 mon (Defeat Hinoxes, Taluses, or Moldugas)
  • Shard of Naydra’s Horn: 300 mon (Obtained by hitting Naydra’s horn with an arrow)

Monster Medals of Honor

After defeating Ganon, a new dialogue option becomes available when talking to Kilton, called “About monsters.” This option provides detailed information about three specific creature types scattered throughout the map: Talus, Hinox, and Molduga. Each creature has a limited number and spawns in fixed locations. By defeating all of them, you’ll earn a Medal of Honor specific to that creature type. While these medals don’t have significant gameplay effects, they serve as an additional achievement for dedicated players. Defeating these creatures also yields a plethora of monster parts, making it a worthwhile pursuit if you’re aiming to acquire some of Kilton’s more expensive items.


Kilton is an intriguing character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, offering a unique shopping experience at his Fang and Bone shop. With exclusive items, his own currency, and multiple locations to visit, tracking down Kilton is a must for completionists and avid explorers. So grab your gear and embark on an adventure to discover the wonders that Kilton has to offer.

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