Where to Find Netherite Ingots and Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Minecraft provides players with an addictive and boundless gameplay experience. It allows you to shape the world according to your imagination, making it an ideal escape to unleash your creativity. With the introduction of Netherite in the Minecraft Nether update, players gained access to a material stronger than diamond, perfect for embarking on perilous adventures. Netherite enables you to craft powerful weapons that keep you safe.

Creating Netherite

Minecraft Nether Portal
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To start mining Netherite, you need to follow a unique process that may seem counterintuitive. It involves mining a completely different material in the Nether, smelting it in a furnace, combining it with another unrelated item, and finally transforming it into armor and tools. Before seeking Netherite, gather 12 Obsidian, create a Nether Portal, and obtain a Diamond axe. Keep note of your Nether portal’s location to ensure a safe return home after completing your mission.

Once you have set everything up, it’s time to locate Ancient Debris. Ancient Debris is an extremely rare ore found exclusively in the Nether. It possesses high blast resistance, making it impervious to normal explosions. Moreover, Ancient Debris is the only source of Netherite Scrap.

Digging deep into the Nether is the key to finding Ancient Debris. After entering the portal, start your descent. Ancient Debris is usually located deeper underground compared to other materials. Your chances of discovering more Ancient Debris increase as you go farther from the bottom of the Nether. However, be aware that the Nether Portal generates at a random level, making it tricky to determine how deep you need to dig.

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To narrow down your position and necessary digging depth, press F3 in-game. This will display debugging information, including three coordinates: X, Y, and Z. The Y-axis is crucial, as increasing it enhances your chances of finding Ancient Debris. These coordinates help you orient yourself and determine the distance you need to cover to locate Ancient Debris. Note down the coordinates of your Nether Portal as well, to avoid losing it when you’re ready to leave.

The Y-axis indicates how deep you have dug. It provides a clear indication of the number of blocks between your current position and the bottom layer of the world. You can find Ancient Debris in veins of 1-3 blocks between Y-axis 8-22. Veins of 1-2 blocks can appear between Y-axis 8-199. On average, Y-level 15 seems to be the most fruitful for Ancient Debris. A single 64-by-64-block section of the world can yield up to five Ancient Debris blocks. However, it is possible to find up to 11 blocks. Additionally, adjacent chunks can generate veins that extend into neighboring chunks, resulting in up to two blocks spawning in an adjacent chunk.

Consider starting a Nether mineshaft at this point. Ancient Debris only spawns when completely surrounded by other blocks or lava. Creating a mineshaft improves your chances of farming this material efficiently, as relying on surface exploration alone won’t yield satisfactory results.

Once you have collected Ancient Debris, smelt it in a furnace using your choice of fuel source. Each Ancient Debris will yield one Netherite Scrap. To craft a Netherite Ingot, combine four Netherite Scraps with four Gold Ingots. The recipe is shapeless, meaning you can place the scraps and ingots anywhere in the crafting grid. Once you have obtained Netherite Ingots, you’re ready to forge robust tools and armor!

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