Where to Find the Most Sought-After and Elusive Materials in Grounded

Materials are vital for your survival in Grounded. From basic resources like Woven Fiber to more advanced materials such as Grub Hide and Berry Leather, having access to these materials is essential when facing the larger creatures in the garden. To help you become a true garden warrior, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on where to find the most common and valuable materials in the game.

Where to Find Materials in Grounded

Woven Fiber

Where to find woven fiber in Grounded

Used in:

  • Basic tools, weapons, and armor
  • Canteen
  • Shovel
  • Gas mask
  • Torch

Woven Fiber is the go-to material when you first start playing Grounded. It is essential for crafting important items in the early stages of the game. Woven Fiber is made from Plant Fiber, which can be found almost everywhere. Keep an eye out for tiny saplings or twisty roots on the ground. Analyze one of these materials to unlock the Woven Fiber recipe, then craft it using three pieces of Plant Fiber.


Where to find sap in Grounded

Used in:

  • Torch
  • Fiber bandage
  • Acorn armor
  • Workbench

Sap is a common material in Grounded and is crucial for crafting important items like the workbench. Look for sap secreting from roots and logs, and you may even find small pieces of sap on the ground near foliage. Clusters of sap can also form on the underside of tree roots, which can be shattered with a basic hammer to collect more sap.

Grub Hide

How to get Grub Hide in Grounded

Used in:

  • Grub armor
  • Canteen
  • Larval blade

Grub Hide is an essential material that many players wonder how to find. To obtain Grub Hide, you need to uncover a Grub. Craft an acorn shovel and use it to poke the moving dirt trails you see in the ground. This will reveal a Grub, which you can defeat with a few hits from any tool or weapon. Analyze the Grub Hide to unlock the recipe for the Grub armor set.

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Where to find Quartzite in Grounded

Used in:

  • Repair tool
  • Dew collector

Quartzite is another valuable material in Grounded. It is obtained by breaking up larger deposits, similar to how you collect Pebblets from boulders. Quartzite is used for crafting various items, including the useful dew collector. You can find Quartzite deposits, both small and large, in the game’s underground tunnels. You may come across these deposits when fending off Lawn Mites near the Mysterious Machine’s damaged cable.

Weed Stem

How to get weed stems in Grounded

Used in:

  • Mushroom garden
  • Structures and traps
  • Dew collector

Weed Stems are crucial for building the mushroom garden and other structures, making them essential for a self-sufficient playthrough. To obtain Weed Stems, simply use your chopping tool on a dandelion. These tall weeds with white, fluffy tops are easy to spot. Remember to stock up on Weed Stems, as you will need them for various crafting recipes.

Spider Silk

How to get Spider Silk in Grounded

Used in:

  • Dew collector
  • Spider armor
  • Tier-2 insect bow

Spider Silk can be obtained by either swinging at spider webs or collecting it from defeated spiders. Spider nests are an excellent source of Spider Silk, as Spiderlings often give it away. Knowing this can help you strategically place dew collectors around the map to keep yourself hydrated. Spider Silk is also essential for crafting high-tier spider armor and tier-2 insect bows.

Berry Leather

Where to find Berry Leather in Grounded

Used in:

  • Tier-2 tools and armor

Berry Leather is a high-tier material used for crafting armor, like the spider set. Berries that yield Berry Leather are found high up in shrubs. However, you will need suitable equipment to reach and harvest them effectively. To obtain Berry Leather, aim a projectile such as a Pebblet or arrow at the berry to make it fall. Then, use a tier-2 axe like the insect axe to extract the berry chunks. Each berry will yield a single strip of Berry Leather, and they are usually found in the southern hedge area of the map.

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Remember, mastering the art of gathering these materials will greatly enhance your survival skills in Grounded. Happy exploring!

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