Where to Locate All USB Song Sticks in Far Cry 6

If there’s one thing you can always expect from an open-world game developed by Ubisoft, it’s an abundance of collectibles. From the early days of Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft has excelled at scattering various trinkets, knickknacks, and shiny objects across their sprawling maps to lure players away from the main storyline. Far Cry 6 doesn’t deviate from this formula either, but it introduces a unique type of collectible that offers more than just completion satisfaction – USB Song Sticks.

Unlike other collectibles in the game, USB Song Sticks serve a purpose beyond filling up your completion meter. Each of the 15 USB Song Sticks scattered across the region of Yara contains a specific song that you can enjoy listening to while traversing the game’s majestic landscape. So, if you’re keen on curating the ultimate playlist for your journey through Far Cry 6, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to find all the USB Song Sticks.

USB Song No. 1: Hitboy

Let’s kick off our playlist with the first USB Song Stick, Hitboy. You can find this one in a building located on the Viviro Nueve Plantation, in the southern part of the Quito region on Isla Santuario. During the early stages of the game, as part of the Fire and Fury mission, head inside the building and check the desk for the song.

USB Song No. 2: Pupla De Tamarindo

Another early song to grab is located at the Ocaso Marina in Costa Del Mar. Look for a small wooden table near an outdoor dining area.

USB Song No. 3: Sentimiento Original

Travel to the north of the Aguas Lindas area, where you’ll find a Guerrilla Hideout called Hideout Mambo. Surprisingly, someone discarded this USB Song Stick in the trash, so dig it out of the dumpster to add it to your playlist.

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USB Song No. 4: Abuso De Poder

Head to the FDA Airbase Olimpia in the same region. There, you’ll find the air traffic control tower. Whether it’s during a story mission or whenever you like, make your way up to the rooftop and grab the song beside the laptop.

USB Song No. 5: What A Bam Bam

Moving on to the Lozania section of the map, navigate to the town of Verdera on the west side of the main square. Look for a laptop on a small table with a single chair outside a building. You’ll find your next favorite song waiting for you there.

USB Song No. 6: Educate Ya

While in Balaceras, head south of the San Miguel River to the Diamante Checkpoint W. Just a little further down the road from the checkpoint, you’ll come across a gas station. Stop in and pick up a brand new song from the counter.

USB Song No. 7: Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

Love it or hate it, you need to find the Macarena to complete your collection. It can be found in the Barrial region near the Halcon Reservoir. Look for a parking area and search for the dumpster. Retrieve this classic song from the trash and continue your journey.

USB Song No. 8: Dinero

In the Barrial region, to the east, you’ll find the Orquidea Villa. There’s a building surrounded by a large fence that you need to navigate. Circle around the building until you spot some vines growing alongside it. Use them to climb up onto the roof and grab Dinero next to the dish on the corner.

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USB Song No. 9: Ay Lola La Figura

Unlike the other USB Song Sticks, acquiring Ay Lola La Figura is slightly trickier. To obtain it, you must complete the And the Beat Goes on… Treasure Hunt mission. Start the mission in Cruz Del Salvador, which will take you into the Danzal Cave. It’s a relatively straightforward mission – reach the end and make sure to grab the stick off the turntable.

USB Song No. 10: La Bella Ciao De Libertad

In the La Joya section of the map, you’ll come across the Turgenev Comms Post. Next to the large red radio tower, you’ll find the entrance to an underground bunker. Descend the ladder to not only get the USB Song Stick but also discover the FND cache right beside it.

USB Song No. 11: Los Caminos De La Vida

Heading towards the northern part of the Conuco area, just south of the Roca Pequena Sat Station, you’ll find a solitary building atop a hill called Casa Rivera. Proceed to the back deck of the building, where the song awaits on a table next to a large map of the area.

USB Song No. 12: Yo Aprendi

Located on the southeast coast of the Conuco area is the town of Maldito with a fishing area. One of the houses on stilts contains a table with this USB Song Stick resting on it.

USB Song No. 13: La Vida Me Cambio

Outside the FND Base Sureno Shipyards in Sierra Perdida, you’ll notice a small building at the entrance. Enter the building and add some fresh tunes to your collection by grabbing this song from the wooden desk inside.

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USB Song No. 14: Pxssy Powah!

This song’s title might be a little risqué, but obtaining it can be equally challenging. You’ll need to infiltrate Esperanza and gain entry to the Mercurio Mecanico hideout. This infiltration also takes place during the story, so no worries if you haven’t reached this point yet. Head up to the second floor of the hideout and find two wooden tables pushed together, with this song as the sole item on display. Take it and run.

USB Song No. 15: Here We Kum

Our final song is hidden in Esperanza, specifically in the Barrio Antiguo district. This area is one of the toughest zones in the game and where the story begins. However, you won’t be able to pick up this USB Song Stick until later. Fight or sneak your way into the district through an alleyway leading to some stairs. Ascend and enter the storage room. Among the lower shelves, you’ll find your 15th and final USB Song Stick.

Once you’ve obtained all 15 sticks, you’ll unlock the “That’s My Jam” trophy or achievement. Enjoy your collection of tunes as you traverse the captivating world of Far Cry 6.

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