Why Geoff Keighley Approaches This Year’s Game Awards with a Sense of Unease

When The Game Awards was established in 2014, it was seen as a rebellious act in the face of a mainstream culture that failed to take video games seriously. However, the landscape has dramatically changed since then. Video games are now widely recognized as a legitimate art form, with even Hollywood embracing their potential. The Game Awards has evolved alongside this growth and now carries the responsibility of accurately representing the industry. As the show enters its ninth year, host and executive producer Geoff Keighley understands the importance of meeting the expectations of gaming fans while also adapting to the changing times.

Striking a Delicate Balance

Keighley acknowledges that the increased scrutiny of The Game Awards is a reflection of the viewers’ passion and investment in the show. Fans have diverse opinions on what the awards should prioritize, especially when it comes to the balance between award presentations and new game announcements. The last few years have seen an emphasis on trailers and world premieres, which have attracted significant viewership. However, some critics argue that this shift has transformed the show into a marketing platform rather than a celebration of artistic achievements.

Keighley is aware of these conversations but believes that maintaining a balance between awards and premieres is what sets The Game Awards apart. He points out that the majority of fans tune in for both the announcements and the recognition of excellence in the industry. It’s a challenging task to satisfy everyone’s expectations while upholding the show’s prestige. Nevertheless, Keighley and his team strive to curate a lineup that meets the high standards set by the audience.

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The Fear of Falling Short

One significant challenge Keighley faces is the leak of big reveals before the show. Despite their best efforts, leaks can occur due to the involvement of multiple partners and studios. Keighley acknowledges this reality and expresses concern about meeting the high expectations of the audience. Hopes and speculations for the show can sometimes create unfounded assumptions that can be hard to live up to. Nonetheless, Keighley is confident in the lineup they have prepared and the exciting content awaiting viewers.

Evolving with the Times

The Game Awards is constantly evolving to remain relevant in the ever-changing gaming industry. This year, a new category called Best Adaptation will be introduced to honor TV shows and movies based on video games. This addition exemplifies the show’s willingness to adapt and recognize the achievements in various aspects of gaming. The decision to introduce new categories is carefully considered to ensure that there are enough eligible nominees, avoiding dilution of the competition.

Navigating the Controversies

Keighley addresses the controversies surrounding the game industry, as exemplified by last year’s Game Awards, where he shed light on workplace misconduct at Activision Blizzard. While some viewers questioned the show’s credibility after a trailer for a game developed by a studio with a controversial history followed the opening message, Keighley emphasizes that the team listens to feedback and engages in discussions. The challenge lies in finding the right approach to address these issues without resorting to outright exclusion, considering the complexities of the industry and the potential for improvement.

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Embracing Evolution

With its upcoming 10th year, The Game Awards continues to evolve to meet the demands of the gaming industry. Keighley emphasizes the importance of keeping up with the medium they cover and avoiding becoming out of touch like other awards institutions. While the show is open to change, there is a cautious approach towards ventures like the Metaverse, as Keighley believes that focusing on core games is what truly connects people and creates mass social experiences.

As the countdown to The Game Awards livestream on December 8 begins, Keighley and his team eagerly await the opportunity to celebrate the best in gaming and deliver an unforgettable experience to fans around the world.

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