You Must Witness the Original Twisted Metal’s Forgotten Live-Action Endings

Unearth the Untold Epilogues of the Classic Game

Peacock’s Twisted Metal TV series has finally arrived, bringing Sony’s beloved car combat game to the small screen. With a star-studded cast including Anthony Mackie, Will Arnett, and Stephanie Beatriz, the show promises to captivate audiences. But here’s a fascinating fact: did you know this isn’t the first time Twisted Metal has been brought to life in live-action? Prepare yourself for the mind-bending lost endings of the original game.

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing the original Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 1 (or through PS Plus), you might recall its minimalist storytelling approach. Each driver had their own motivations for joining the vehicular blood sport, with the winner earning a wish from the enigmatic Calypso. After completing an arcade mode run with a character, players were treated to a brief text scroll that tied up their story. It may have felt a bit underwhelming, but there’s an intriguing reason behind it.

Believe it or not, the game was initially supposed to feature live-action endings. These endings were all filmed, but unfortunately, they never made it into the original game. It wasn’t until the release of Twisted Metal: Head-On Extra Twisted Edition that fans got a glimpse of these lost gems as a bonus feature. If you’ve never witnessed them before, prepare for a treat like no other.

These low-budget clips are reminiscent of B-movie gold. In Pit Driver’s ending, Angela Fortin drives straight into Calypso’s lair, only to reveal her true identity as a secret agent sent by the city of Los Angeles to eliminate him. A campy shootout ensues… but it doesn’t end well for her. Sweet Tooth’s ending takes an especially bizarre turn when the deranged clown breaks down over his prize: a simple paper bag. Personally, I’m partial to Yellow Jacket’s ending, where the car’s previous driver, Charlie Kane, reveals his sole desire was to experience the thrill of driving one last time before his death. Calypso offers him the chance at immortality, but with a dark twist.

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“Sounds good to me, baby!” exclaims Kane.

Sweet Tooth holds a gun in a live action Twisted Metal ending.
Image: Sweet Tooth holds a gun in a live-action Twisted Metal ending. (Courtesy of Sony)

As you watch these clips, it becomes evident why they were excluded from the original game. They possess an incredible goofiness that harkens back to the ’90s (although that didn’t hinder Resident Evil’s infamous live-action sequences). Moreover, they feature scantily clad women, serving as a clear reflection of the era in which they were created. However, there’s also a practical reason behind their omission: the endings were filmed before the game was officially named Twisted Metal.

Originally, the game was intended to be called High Octane. If you pay close attention to the clips, you’ll notice the racers referring to Calypso’s tournament by that name. However, the title didn’t stick because another car combat game titled Hi-Octane, developed by EA in 1995, was set to launch just months before Twisted Metal. Instead of reshooting the endings, the live-action segments were ultimately abandoned.

If you’re planning to delve into Peacock’s adaptation of this iconic series over the weekend, do yourself a favor and indulge in these forgotten endings too. You might just find them more entertaining than the show itself.

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