You’ll Be Playing Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries Sooner Than You Think

The Best Weapons You Need to Survive

Leon may not have been fully prepared for the horrors that awaited him in the Resident Evil 4 remake, armed with just a basic handgun and a knife. While these tools may suffice in the beginning, you’ll soon encounter stronger and more grotesque enemies that will test your survival skills. Fortunately, the Resident Evil 4 remake offers an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal, including pistols, SMGs, rifles, and more. However, remember that acquiring and upgrading these weapons can come at a hefty price. It’s crucial to make wise choices to ensure your playthrough is as smooth as possible. To help you navigate through the treacherous Ganados and Las Plagas, here are some of the best weapons in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Red9: The Unquestionable Powerhouse

Let’s start with the Red9, widely regarded as the most popular handgun in the original Resident Evil 4. It has made its triumphant return in the remake and remains as formidable as ever. Obtainable as early as Chapter 3, the Red9 is an excellent investment for your upgrades. Although its recoil might be its only flaw, attaching a stock allows you to snipe with this pistol effectively. Once you acquire the Exclusive upgrade, which amplifies its power by 1.5x, the Red9 becomes your trusty companion in any situation.

Bolt Thrower: Efficiency at Its Finest

The Bolt Thrower may not possess exceptional power or accuracy like other guns, but its unique ability to retrieve bolts from dead enemies significantly reduces your ammunition consumption. Crafted with knives, the Bolt Thrower also boasts a secondary firing mode that launches mines, making it versatile in combat. While the Exclusive upgrade merely doubles its ammo capacity, every bit of efficiency counts when you aim to minimize reload time and maximize your survival chances.

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Stingray: Your Reliable Rifle

When it comes to rifles, the Stingray is the epitome of reliability. As a semi-automatic rifle, its firing rate depends on your skill, and it comes with a generous clip size by default. Hitting weak points with the Stingray deals a remarkable 3x damage, and you can equip it with various scopes to suit your preferences. Although the Exclusive upgrade, which increases the final firing rate by 2x, may not be essential for precise marksmanship, it can be useful in dire situations.

LE 5: The Shield-Wrecker

Easily overlooked, the LE 5 is a formidable submachine gun that possesses remarkable penetration power. With its superior firing rate, larger clip size, and increased power, the LE 5 excels at tearing through enemies wielding shields. Similar to the Punisher, the Exclusive upgrade allows the LE 5 to pierce up to five targets simultaneously, making it an invaluable asset during intense encounters.

Broken Butterfly: Unleash Magnum Carnage

Returning as a fan-favorite, the Broken Butterfly magnum is not only visually striking but also the deadliest weapon in the game (excluding special weapons like the Rocket Launcher). After upgrades, the Broken Butterfly deals the most devastating damage in the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, note that magnum upgrades come at a steep cost. The Exclusive upgrade boosts its final damage by 1.5x, solidifying its position as the ultimate hand cannon.

Striker: Shotgun Superiority

Are shotguns’ slow firing rates a downside? Not if you’re armed with the Striker. This semiautomatic shotgun delivers impressive damage output at a remarkable speed, with a massive clip size that ensures you won’t run out of ammo when facing enemies up close. With the Exclusive upgrade, you can even double the already considerable clip size, ensuring you can keep firing without interruption.

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Rocket Launcher: The Iconic Annihilator

The Rocket Launcher demands a significant investment, both in terms of cash and inventory space, but its reputation as an iconic weapon in the series is well-deserved. With its one-hit kill ability against almost any enemy, the Rocket Launcher becomes an invaluable asset in dire situations. Keep in mind that upgrades are not available for this devastating weapon, making each shot count. Whether you’re playing on different difficulty levels or utilizing infinite ammo, the Rocket Launcher is a force to be reckoned with.

Primal Knife: Trusty Companion for Close Encounters

Though technically not a firearm, the knife plays a crucial role in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Its new ability to parry and finish downed enemies can save your life countless times. However, durability is a significant concern. The Primal Knife, unlocked by finding and destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans in the game, stands as the ultimate choice for a blade. With the Exclusive upgrade, the Primal Knife becomes unbreakable, no matter how extensively you use it.

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Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries

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