Your Guide to Mastering ‘Vengeance,’ the Latest ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Map Pack

Black Ops 2 Vengeance
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If you’re still immersing yourself in the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, then the release of the Vengeance map pack is definitely something you’ll be excited about. As the third of four planned DLCs included with the Season Pass, Vengeance brings you four new multiplayer maps, an exhilarating Zombies mode, and a bonus weapon that can be used in all previous Zombies maps. In this article, we’ll explore what the Vengeance pack has to offer, along with some essential strategies to help you navigate and conquer the new environments.

The Maps


Black Ops 2 Cove

Cove transports players to a deserted tropical island, with its sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery. This roughly circular map features giant boulders that create twisting paths leading to a central killzone, separated by the remains of a crashed plane’s fuselage. You’ll also find a ground-level cave system, strategically placed rocks, and plane wreckage that offer ample cover for those who prefer to skirt around the fringes of the map. However, be cautious of the water that rises above your head, as it spells instant death. There is a safe path around the perimeter, but watch your every step.

For those who favor sniping, the cockpit offers an elevated vantage point to observe and take down enemies approaching from the opposing spawn. Opposite the shattered cockpit window, another elevated vantage point awaits at the mouth of a cave, providing a similar recon advantage. These locations can be flanked, but be aware that enemies can also assault them from the front by vaulting onto the rock formations in front.

While SMGs reign supreme in Cove, there are various hiding spots where you can pick off enemies with silenced weapons. Keep an eye out for equipment such as claymores and bouncing betties that can turn the outer rim and pathways into death traps. To succeed on this map, you’ll have two choices: play defensively or adopt an extremely aggressive playstyle. Hesitation will cost you dearly.


Black Ops 2 Detour

Detour is a long, symmetrical map set on a crumbling, war-ravaged bridge. Wrecked vehicles and construction barriers provide cover, while catwalks on the east and west sides offer flanking routes below. This map is relatively straightforward, with similar cover and flanking opportunities accessible from each spawn, creating a balanced playing field. However, be cautious of the gaping holes in the central portion of the bridge, as falling through them means instant death.

Detour can easily become a game of entrenched positions. A well-coordinated team will have snipers providing above-ground overwatch from the central bunker-like structure, while the rest of the team covers the flanking routes on either side of the map. Breaking through a deeply entrenched team requires similar levels of coordination, with part of your team diverting enemy attention on the central bridge while a smaller, faster-moving force exploits the catwalks. Additionally, the pipes running along the outside fringe of the bridge act as platforms, offering a more heavily covered alternative route, though they are also susceptible to traps.

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Assault rifles can be effective on Detour, but the map’s small size calls for shotguns or SMGs, except for the central areas that snipers can control.


Black Ops 2 Rush

Rush transforms an abandoned indoor/outdoor paintball facility into a rectangular battleground, with multiple routes and vantage points to cater to every type of player. Shotgun and SMG enthusiasts will find their sweet spot on either side of the map. The indoor paintball course is the preferred route due to its multiple entry/exit points and abundance of brightly colored cover. On the opposite side of the map, two elevated rooms accessible via ramps offer alternative routes, but be cautious when navigating the long, relatively cover-free hallway that connects them.

The central, open-air route provides perfect opportunities for snipers, both at elevated positions and on the ground level. The parking lot spawn area also offers an advantage for snipers, with the abandoned white van in the back corner providing ideal cover to observe the ramp, central approach, and the office leading to the indoor paintball course. Teams starting in the parking lot spawn have a definite edge. Mastering Rush requires learning the various routes as this complex and open map offers numerous access points, making unexpected flanks a common occurrence.

If you prefer close-quarters combat, a lightweight loadout is recommended, particularly if you spawn in the paintball course instead of the parking lot. A swift movement up the elevated left side, supported by teammates, can grant you control over the entire outside section of the map.


Black Ops 2 Uplink

Uplink is a replica of Black Ops’ Summit map, but with a lush Malaysian jungle backdrop replacing the snowy landscape. The fighting predominantly takes place around the large, open control facility situated in the center of the map. The second-floor hallway provides excellent sniping vantage points, although numerous flanking routes make it challenging to hold down these positions with certainty.

This map favors mid-range attackers, although SMGs with long barrels can prove effective if you have quick reflexes and accuracy. There are several long sightlines that favor snipers, especially the rocky path below the outside of the control room. However, it’s advisable to complement your sniper rifle with a secondary weapon that is better suited for close-quarters combat.


Before we delve into the details of the new Zombies map, Buried, let’s first introduce the new weapon introduced with this pack – the Ray Gun Mark II. Resembling the original Ray Gun, the Mark II features a slightly longer and thicker barrel. It is a burst-fire weapon that shoots three rounds in quick succession, boasting slightly more power than its predecessor but considerably faster ammo consumption. Unlike the original Ray Gun, the Mark II doesn’t cause splash damage. This means you’ll need better accuracy when mowing down zombies at close range, but you won’t accidentally down yourself in the process.

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Black Ops 2 Buried 3
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As for the Buried map, prepare to explore a Wild West ghost town. While not as large as other maps, Buried offers more complexity and depth than its predecessors. Fans of regular Zombies gameplay will be thrilled to find that the bank and weapon storage locker from TranZit also make an appearance in Buried, along with any savings you’ve accumulated from previous playthroughs. Both can be found in the central main street area: the weapon locker is located in the General Store, directly across from the initial Mystery Box spawn, and the bank can be found in, well, the Bank!

You’ll also discover Leroy, a hulking brute in coveralls, locked away in the town’s jail cell. While Leroy is friendly and won’t attack you, you can release him and use him to your advantage. Feeding him a bottle of booze will prompt him to charge off away from you, opening up certain barriers. The first bottle of booze is conveniently located next to Leroy in his cell, but subsequent bottles can be found scattered around the map.

Leroy also has a sweet tooth for candy. Feeding him candy sets him off on a rampage, stomping any zombies he encounters. However, there’s an additional use for the candy. If you feed Leroy candy while facing a buildable station, he’ll scurry off to locate and assemble all of the required parts for the item. The first piece of candy can be found like any other part, but subsequent helpings can be purchased from the General Store’s cash register for 1,000 points each.

While exploring the town in the Buried map, you’ll notice glowing question marks on certain walls. These indicate a special room accessible via rooftop jumping, where you’ll find five wall weapons laid out in a row. Although you can’t purchase the weapons here, you can collect each one as a piece of chalk. By interacting with a question mark location while carrying a weapon, you can permanently place the wall weapon there. This is the exclusive way to obtain the Galvaknuckles, necessary for completing the latest easter egg. Additionally, the power room requires some roof-to-roof jumping, which can be easily located next to the Saloon if you follow the signs.

Acquiring the Pack-a-Punch machine is no easy feat. First, you must use Leroy to clear the debris blocking the haunted house at one end of the town. After paying to open the mansion’s door, you’ll face an onslaught of female ghosts. While less damaging than regular zombies, each hit from a ghost costs you 2,000 points. Zombies won’t spawn in the haunted house, but the ghosts will keep coming relentlessly.

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However, the challenge doesn’t end there. Once you step outside, you’ll encounter a hedge maze that leads to a gazebo at its center. Here, you’ll find the Pack-a-Punch machine if you have enough points left. Camping near the Pack-a-Punch during the earlier rounds can help you accumulate the necessary points, but mastering the ghost-infested house without losing points is the better strategy. Returning to the main map requires either traversing the haunted house again or using a Ray Gun to destroy a fountain within the hedge maze. Beneath the fountain, you’ll find a teleporter leading back to the main spawn.

Black Ops 2 Buried 2
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Before we conclude, let’s take a look at the new weapons introduced in Buried. The Paralyzer is the latest Wonder Weapon, a massive shoulder-mounted gun that emits zombie-slowing rays. Over time, these rays cause targets to disintegrate. Kills with the Paralyzer earn no points, but the weapon offers unlimited ammo. Keep in mind that the Paralyzer has limited energy and will require recharging when its glow turns red.

Another new addition is the Time Bomb, a secondary “grenade” that can be thrown on the ground at any point. This essentially sets up a save point, recording your current loadout, ammo count, wave number, and more. If you find yourself on the brink of defeat, activating the Time Bomb will rewind time back to the moment it was planted. This item is essential for completing the easter egg. Lastly, a Colt revolver has been introduced, fitting perfectly with Buried’s Wild West theme and offering a powerful weapon option.

Oh, wait! There’s one more thing! Introducing a new perk: Vulture Aid! This unique perk offers several advantages. Equipping it allows you to see the location of the Mystery Box, wall weapons, and other important checkpoints, even through walls. You’ll also notice that downed zombies often drop glowing yellow pickups, which grant extra points and ammo recovery. Furthermore, when you take out zombies, they sometimes leave behind a green cloud of smoke that disinterests other zombies temporarily.

As always, credit goes to the passionate Zombies-loving community for discovering and sharing these details, with special mention to the contributors at Se7enSins. For more information on Buried, including a comprehensive guide to solving the Maxis and Richtofen easter eggs, head over to the OnSpec Electronic, Inc. website.

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