Does Back 4 Blood Support Split-Screen Co-op Play?

The concept behind Back 4 Blood revolves around teaming up with three friends to battle the relentless, seemingly never-ending hordes of Ridden. This game draws inspiration from the beloved Left 4 Dead series, where the unpredictable nature of the gameplay and the camaraderie between friends make for an exhilarating experience. While there is a solo mode available, it is strongly discouraged in favor of playing with others, even if that means playing with AI-controlled bots.

However, for those who prefer the old-school couch co-op experience, the question remains: Does Back 4 Blood support split-screen local co-op play? While online multiplayer is a given, it doesn’t quite capture the same feeling as having a friend sitting right beside you. If you’re wondering whether you can team up with your friends on the same console, here’s what you need to know about split-screen co-op in Back 4 Blood.

Can You Play Back 4 Blood in Local Split-Screen?

Back 4 Blood Cleaners attacking Retch.
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Unfortunately, the developers of Back 4 Blood have confirmed that local split-screen play is not available. Despite being advertised as a fully cross-play title across major platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, the game does not support split-screen on a single console or PC. The developers expressed their desire to include split-screen, but it was not feasible at the time of the game’s launch. So, if you want to play with friends in the same room, your best bet would be to set up multiple systems for a LAN party.

Will Local Split-Screen Ever Be Added?

Hunters in Back 4 Blood.
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Despite the initial lack of split-screen support, there is hope for the future. Turtle Rock, the developers of Back 4 Blood, have acknowledged the demand for this feature and have indicated that they may consider adding it in a future update. Given that the game is expected to receive ongoing support and content updates, it is likely that the developers will prioritize including split-screen co-op as soon as they are able to do so.

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For now, we’ll have to wait and see what plans the team behind Back 4 Blood has for the game’s future before we can determine if and when split-screen co-op will be added.

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