Leveling Up Your Characters Quickly in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has revolutionized free-to-play gacha games by combining the addictive hunt for new characters with a stunning open-world RPG experience. Building a great team of characters through lucky draws is a thrilling aspect of the game. However, to ensure success in challenging battles, it is essential to invest a significant amount of time leveling up your characters.

EXP Materials are the Key

The key to efficient leveling in Genshin Impact is to understand that fighting monsters alone won’t get the job done. While combat in the game is visually impressive and enjoyable, it’s not the primary focus. Genshin Impact truly shines in its exploration, and that’s where you’ll find the best way to level up your characters.

To level up quickly, prioritize collecting EXP materials as you explore the world of Teyvat. Keep an eye out for Wanderer’s Advice, Adventurer’s Experience, and Hero’s Wit during your travels. These items, worth 1,000 EXP, 5,000 EXP, and 20,000 EXP respectively, provide the most efficient way to level up your party members.

Thankfully, you’ll come across these materials quite easily while engaging in various activities. Completing quests often rewards you with EXP materials, and they are frequently hidden in treasure chests scattered throughout the world. These actions will also increase your Adventure Rank, granting you even more EXP materials as you progress.

While you can find a decent amount of EXP materials regardless of your preferred activities, certain tasks offer a more reliable supply.

Follow the Main Story

When it comes to leveling up, we tend to overlook the main plot in favor of side activities. However, simply following the main story in Genshin Impact can earn you a significant amount of EXP and Adventure Rank simultaneously. Keep in mind that these missions can be a bit lengthy and can only be completed once. Although they are more enjoyable than repetitive tasks, they won’t lead you to the endgame level.

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Domains for Swift Progress

Completing Domains is one of the most effective ways to level up quickly in Genshin Impact. These repeatable dungeons can be found throughout the map, each offering unique rewards. Look for the diamond-shaped icon with a blue dot at the center to locate Domains. To unlock them, you may need to solve short puzzles or complete quest chains. Domains specialize in various valuable items such as Artifacts or Weapon Ascension materials. Before entering, you’ll have the opportunity to preview the potential rewards to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Domains are an excellent source of EXP materials, along with other rewards essential for boosting your weapons and characters. They offer challenging and scalable encounters based on your level, and you can revisit them whenever you want. However, keep in mind that claiming your rewards from Domains costs 20 Resin each time. This same resource is used for acquiring other necessary materials in the game. Additionally, EXP materials are not the primary rewards from Domains, so the amount you obtain may vary.

Farming Ley Line Outcrops

For an even faster leveling experience, consider farming EXP materials through Blossom of Revelation Ley Line Outcrops. Similar to Domains, these repeatable activities appear on the map as wisps of blue smoke. Activating a Blossom of Revelation Ley Line Outcrop initiates a brief combat encounter with enemies around your level. Once you defeat them, you can claim the rewards by exchanging 20 Original Resin. The advantage of using Blossom of Revelation is the guaranteed supply of EXP materials, and these activities are much quicker to complete than Domains. If your goal is to level up your characters as swiftly as possible without requiring materials for weapon or talent upgrades, tackling Blossoms of Revelation is your best bet.

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Tips for Fast Leveling

Even if you focus on Ley Line Outcrops for grinding EXP materials, a few things can hinder your progress in leveling up your characters.

Step 1: Keep in mind that using EXP materials also requires Mora. It’s possible to run out of funds, preventing further leveling. While Mora is generally easy to obtain in Genshin Impact, consider taking on a few Blossom of Wealth Ley Line Outcrops if you find yourself short on currency. These outcrops are marked with yellow smoke icons on the map and function similarly to Blossoms of Revelation. However, they offer Mora instead of EXP materials. Remember that claiming rewards from these outcrops also costs 20 Resin, so use them wisely.

Step 2: Don’t forget about your Adventurer’s Handbook, which provides various rewards, including EXP materials. Most of the tasks in the handbook will be completed naturally as you play the game. However, some tasks may require a little extra effort, but they are usually simple and won’t take much time to complete. It’s important to clear all the tasks in a specific chapter before new ones become available. Each subsequent chapter offers better rewards, so don’t overlook these opportunities.

Step 3: Spending your EXP materials wisely is just as crucial as collecting them. Since characters are randomly obtained in Genshin Impact, you are likely to recruit some characters that don’t fit your party composition or personal preferences. Instead of trying to level up all your characters evenly, focus on a core group of four characters that will receive priority for EXP materials. Have a couple of alternate characters in mind in case you need specific elemental or ability advantages. When you acquire a new character, take them through a low-level dungeon first to gauge whether you like their abilities. Read through their progression descriptions to decide if they will be useful in the long run before investing in their leveling.

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Remember to enjoy the journey while leveling up in Genshin Impact. By employing these strategies, you’ll be able to level up your characters efficiently and make the most of everything the game has to offer.

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